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In our CIRCUIT IDs SMALL SOLO package you will receive enough materials to label up to 20 circuits.




Circuit IDs Whole House Labels #'s 1-20

(in sets of 14 each) With 15A or 20A on Them


Circuit IDs Whole House Labels #'s 1-20

Circuit Breaker Numbers 


Quick Guide to Understanding

Your Homes Electrical System


Know the Flow Limit the Load 

Magnetic Reference Chart to Place on Breaker Box 

or Refrigerator- To Assist With Overload Prevention


Whole House Circuit Directory Recording Sheet


SKU: 93664
Expected to ship Late August
  •      Our Circuit Identifying Labels are easy to install throughout your whole house. Most homeowners breaker panels have at least some labels in them, but that still leaves us baffled as to which outlets belong to which breaker. Not knowing your circuits can lead to circuit overload as well as other issues concerning HRCs.


         This package does NOT include the Digital Circuit Dectective Circuit Breaker Identifier. You will have to plug something in to each outlet (top and bottom) and flip off breakers to identify which breaker is the controlling breaker. The good news is you won't ever have to do it again!      


         The high quaility labels are designed to last and can withstand the normal cleaning of outlet covers. Even if you replace the outlet itself, chances are you will reuse the same outlet cover, so these labels will last for a very long time! And, with as many as you get, chances are you could even share them with a friend or relative.


         The circuit breaker labels, numbering 1-20, have a bright red background with black numbers. These will stand out no matter how busy your existing panel labeling system is! The numbers simply correlate with the labels on the outlets so if you are creative you can actually label 2 small houses with this package by skipping over the larger breakers if you do not feel a need to place labels on your larger items such as your stove and clothes dryer. Up to you!  


         The educational booklet is full of information every homeowner should know, but usually do not. It will help you truly understand your electrical system and hopefully prevent unnecessary electrical fires that are just too common. Feel free to share your new knowledge with others but the book is under copyright so no making copies of it. 


         The reference magnet was created to help you understand how the items you plug into the same circuit all add up to create a total load on the wires and controlling breaker. You will quickly see how easy it is to calculate the total Amp draw on a circuit. You will never have to worry about the hazards associated with overloading a circuit again!!


         You will feel so empowered and in control once you map out your circuits with the help of the Circuit Directory. 


         So what are you waiting for? It's a no-brainer to order your Circuit IDs today!!     

  • At CIRCUIT IDs we are old fashion in our belief that the customer is always right. If you have a complaint, we want to hear all about it. After all, your feedback is how we become more successful. No need to go off on a rant about us online when it will be much more productive for you to let us know so we can make it right!

    Making money is great and that is what allows us to do the charity work we love but your satisfaction with our company outweighs the dollar bill any day!

    We guarantee you will be satisfied with our products and if you are not, feel free to return the items you purchased for a full refund.     

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